Roles of the board

The Board meets as often as necessary to discharge its duties effectively. The Board has three formally constituted Committees:

  • The Audit Committee
  • The Remuneration Committee
  • The Nomination Committee

There is an Executive Committee known as the Execo that is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company’s business within a framework of delegated responsibilities. It is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and includes the Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Development and Implementation Director, Chief Technology Officer and Divisional Directors.

The Board has a formal schedule of matters specifically reserved to it for decision which it reviews periodically. This includes approval of acquisitions and disposals and major capital expenditure. The Board also reviews the Register of Risks. At each Board meeting the Chief Executive Officer provides a review of the business and how it is performing together with strategic issues arising. The range of subjects discussed typically includes:

  • The strategy of the Group in response to changing economic conditions;
  • Key business areas
  • The integration of recent acquisitions;
  • The Group’s debt and capital structure;
  • The Group’s financial results;
  • Dividend policy;
  • Regulatory and governance issues;
  • The development of the Group’s people;
  • The Register of Risks; and
  • Insurance Policy and Cover.

Latest annual report

For the latest details of Wilmington’s compliance with corporate governance refer to the Corporate Governance Report in the latest annual report.

View the report here

Remuneration Commitee Terms of Reference


Nomination Commitee Terms of Reference


Audit Commitee Terms of Reference


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