Wilmington Business Intelligence

Services Data Services, Marketing Services, Lead-generation

Industries Financial Services, Charities

Nature of business

Wilmington Business Intelligence provides a range of quality data and insight services to the Business and Pensions markets via leading brands: HR Nation; Marketing Spotlight; Pension Funds and their Advisors and Pension Funds Online.

What sets them apart?

HR Nation and Marketing Spotlight help suppliers connect with buyers in their respective industries. Both provide an online directory of difficult-to-reach contacts, a data licensing service and lead generation tools.

Pension Funds & their Advisors and Pension Funds Online provide essential financial and contact information for both UK and International pension funds.

Across various markets the different brands share a common aim to use data, technology, market reach and expertise to deliver insightful services to inform, connect and facilitate business.

HR Nation
Pension Funds Online

Managing director

Polly Avgherinos



Head Office

6-14 Underwood Street London N1 7JQ

+44 (0)20 7490 0049