APM turns 30!

1989 was an exciting year; the Berlin wall fell, the World Wide Web was invented and APM was officially launched. APM was founded by two journalists on 6th November 1989 with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of the European healthcare system. Since then, as a result of the development of new products and the advancement of technology, the company has grown and now includes 25 journalists reporting from eight European bureaus, covering healthcare news from every angle.   
Looking back over the past 30 years there have been many milestones for the company. In 1998, following the acquisition by Reuters, APM news stories were launched on the company’s website, making the information accessible to a wider audience. This marked a change that continues to drive the growth of the company today. This was followed in 2003 by APM becoming part of the Wilmington plc portfolio, an acquisition that allowed Wilmington to further develop its publishing and information interests for the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets. Since 2003 APM has launched a portfolio of products, all of which support the overall aim of providing in-depth, reliable information to healthcare professionals across Europe.
The driving force behind this energy and growth are APM’s colleagues. Speaking to journalist Nick Hudson, who works for the London-based branch: APM Health Europe, it is clear how proud the team are of the progress APM have made. Nick has been with the business for almost 14 years and thus has seen a large amount of change and progress. Over these years the French-speaking branch of APM has expanded from a pure pharma-based newswire to providing a wide range of other healthcare services, including specialist news for doctors and hospitals and even care homes. This expansion has been shared by APM Health Europe. When Nick joined the business, shortly after it was formed in 2005, it was in a very different shape, boasting only a handful of subscribers and generating a small amount of revenue. Since then, due to the decision to sell out of the Paris office, subscriber numbers and revenue have soared, with the growth seen in the last financial year being the highest recorded since 1989. This progress can also be evidenced in the development of APM’s products, most recently with the launch of APM Intelligence in 2018. APM Intelligence has allowed APM to expand its information reach beyond news to include data, harnessing this information to provide further intelligence to healthcare professionals.
Clearly the last three decades have been full of growth and innovation. However, we don’t just want to celebrate the past, this anniversary is also an opportunity to look to the future. Anne-Lise Merrien, HR and Finance Director of AMP, has been with the company since it was founded in 1989 and so has seen first-hand the progress that has been made. When speaking to her about the last 30 years what stands out most is her pride of APM’s people and the contributions they have made over the years. However, as Anne-Lise rightly says, the most important thing now is to look to the future and see what the next steps are. There can be no doubt that APM are in an exciting position, a position which will allow them to continue to drive the innovation and energy demonstrated over the past three decades.
We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years look like!

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