Focus on Every Client as if You Had No Others

“Our clients are at the centre of everything we do.” – Pedro Ros, CEO, Wilmington plc

For any business, focus on the customer is absolutely vital in an age where differentiation on many traditional criteria is often impossible; it’s still an essential USP for successful organisations, and one that is too often overlooked. Our secret is to treat each client as if they were our only client, and the long-term nature of the resulting relationships speaks for itself.

At Wilmington, we work with some of the most demanding clients we could face in business – many operate in the professional services sector, including merchant banks and other financial institutions, lawyers and accountants, corporate advisors and consultants. Keeping each of them excited and delighted with our products and services isn’t straightforward; we are lucky to have exceptional people who are equal to the task.

Using Technology to Make It Easier for Your Clients

In its report The Journey Toward Greater Customer Centricity, Ernst & Young reports that, over time, clients are becoming “more diverse, more demanding and more sophisticated.” Wilmington operates in the knowledge economy, where competitive advantage lies in our ability to convert data into actionable information. We adopt technology to make it simple for our clients to access our products and services, wherever in the world they happen to be.

The Wilmington Digital Hub illustrates this point perfectly. This article is only one item in our huge knowledge bank of high-quality content; with a few clicks, you can access information that answers any questions you have about our Areas of Knowledge, our individual businesses and the expertise available within them. It’s the perfect destination for business users seeking information and advice.

Develop a Culture of Innovation

We actively encourage customer-facing innovation across the whole of Wilmington. We take our clients’ needs into account as a matter of course, whether while creating new online delivery systems for one-to-one training, or when developing new territory-specific qualifications for clients expanding into new geographies or while mapping our existing products and services across international boundaries.

See for yourself. As you navigate the Wilmington Hub, you’ll discover more high-quality content that showcases our capabilities, together with links to our businesses and contact details for the people who can answer your questions. We’re confident you’ll find what you need, and we invite you and your organisation to become the centre of everything we do.

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