A Great Reception for Capital Markets Day

In most walks of life, preparation builds confidence, which in turn drives success. The world of business is no exception.

Communication with internal and external stakeholders plays a vital role in creating and retaining confidence in any business. At Wilmington, we take every opportunity to talk to shareholders, analysts and potential investors, whether in one-to-one briefings or in formal presentations to larger audiences, reinforcing the key elements of our strategy and highlighting progress against our published objectives.

One of our flagship communication events is Capital Markets Day (CMD), a formal briefing to an invited audience, which takes place biennially in central London. The most recent CMD, organised for July 2015, featured presentations from Wilmington CEO Pedro Ros, from CFO Tony Foye and from our four Divisional Directors, Andrea Ward, Mark Solon, Richard Adams and Bill Howarth.

Wilmington has undertaken an eventful journey since initiating a full review of the business in September 2014. We introduced a new strategy and a new divisional structure for the company, which we announced in February 2015. Since then, the response to our financial results has been entirely positive. In May, we released an Interim Management Statement with an encouraging outlook – this was equally well received.

In the new Wilmington business model, we have created four Areas of Knowledge, with offerings in Information, Education and Networking that cover all our clients’ anticipated needs. CMD coincided with our acquisition of Financial Research Associates (FRA) in the United States, filling some of the gaps in our portfolio; it also emphasised the potential for expanding our business across geographic borders.

As part of his presentation, Pedro Ros restated our ambitions for the company:

  • To build a truly international business
  • To become a fully digital enterprise
  • To upscale the size of the business

On the first of these, he reminded attendees that Wilmington is already taking steps to move into new geographies, with the United States remaining a key market. In the digital arena, the new Wilmington Hub will give us a key business advantage. Upscaling the company will follow as we continue to unlock the potential of our knowledge-based model – something which the Divisional Directors covered in more detail.

Tony Foye then explained more about the thinking behind the acquisition of FRA – covered here on the Wilmington Hub in a separate article. He was followed by the four Divisional Directors, each of whom talked about their respective divisions under the common headings of ‘What we do’, a case study and ‘Our Vision’. Readers wishing to download the complete presentations in pdf format can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Reaction to the day was excellent. Our share price responded favourably to the FRA announcement, and feedback from our guests was equally positive. It’s good to be able to convey a consistent message each time we talk to the City, and to demonstrate the genuine progress being made at Wilmington.

Elsewhere on the Wilmington Hub, you’ll learn more about how we engage with clients and other stakeholders, and about the work of our four divisions – Risk & Compliance, Finance, Legal and Insight. Read on and discover why partnering with Wilmington could be one of the best business decisions you make.

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