Happy Birthday Wilmington!

25 years ago, on 30th January 1995, the company floated on the Stock Market, meaning Wilmington became a ‘public company’, with shares being made available for purchase by the general investing public.
25 years on and Wilmington (and the world around us) is a very different place. Most notably, the advances in technology have been one of the biggest impacts from the last 25 years. Technology has penetrated every aspect of how we live our lives, influencing everything from how we read books, how we exercise, and even dramatically altering the way we socialise with one another. Unlike in 1995, 2020 is a world where we demand and expect real-time information and data anytime, anywhere.
A highlight of 1995 was the launch of the DVD; fast forward 25 years and the DVD is almost obsolete. Replaced by online streaming and channels such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, Spotify and Apple Music - the world we now live in is fast, instant and at our fingertips. As consumers of information we pay to access, rather than to own content.
In 1995 Wilmington was made up of two operating divisions: Wilmington Publishing and Waterlow Information Services Ltd. With its primary focus being the publishing needs of B2B industries, the company mainly published printed consumer and business journals and periodicals. It was just before the turn of the millennium when Wilmington took a first step into the world of training with the acquisition of CLT in 1999, followed by the creation of the ICA in 2001.
Since then Wilmington has grown both in size and in global reach. Businesses such as FRA and Compliance Week in North America came onboard in the last decade, bolstering the international focus already created by the acquisition of APM in France and later Inese in Spain. The growth of Wilmington’s influence in UK markets has run parallel to this global evolution, with the company expanding its reach in the healthcare market and the legal and compliance industries.
Our geographical scope may have expanded since 1995 but our offices have never felt closer. The Wilmington of 25 years ago was one of fax machines and rolodexes - quite different to the world we know now of Skype, Power BI, and real-time collaboration through cloud-based technologies.
Although prominent in the past 25 years, external factors, such as the digital revolution, alone will not define us as a business as much as how we respond to them - our newfound technological prowess lends itself to quicker, bigger and better breakthroughs.
As we look to the future, we are poised to take advantage of emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning. We are entering a new chapter with the tools to serve our customers and our people better - and grow our business as a result, benefiting everyone.
On the 25th Anniversary of Wilmington, we’re proud of the past, and really excited about the future. The passion and dedication combined with the talent and insight of colleagues across the company lays the groundwork for an exciting next chapter.
Wilmington celebrates 25 years

Wilmington celebrates 25 years

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