How to interview well at Wilmington

Keen to pursue a career at Wilmington? The company's in-house recruiter Joe Hart provides you with his top tips on how to impress in an interview.

Seven things that have impressed me most in interviews for Wilmington plc
Congratulations! After sending application after application in your quest for that exciting new challenge you have just landed an interview for what could be the perfect job at Wilmington plc. Now what? 

If you’re wondering what are the steps for a truly good job interview at Wilmington plc, you’ve come to the right place. As the In-House Recruiter at Wilmington plc I am heavily involved in the recruitment process from start to finish, and have been involved in many interviews. Here's my guide on how to interview well based on the seven things that have impressed me most from interviews I have been involved in.
Research - There is nothing less impressive than sitting there chatting away with a candidate with zero knowledge about the company. In the interviews that have impressed me candidates have not just scratched the surface but have clearly dedicated time to knowing about Wilmington plc as well as the individual business unit or department they have applied to join. This shows initiative and displays a thorough and organized approach.
Review the job description thoroughly - It is clear during an interview just how much time and effort has been put into reading and understanding the job description for the role. The best evidence of this is where well thought through, real-life examples have been used by interviewees to illustrate what is being looked for in the job description where relevant. This approach fully demonstrates a genuine interest in the position, shows a full understanding of what is required and really helps to sell your suitability for the role.
Know your own CV - It's surprising how many people I’ve interviewed are thrown by a question referring to some of their experiences listed on their CV. Knowing your CV back to front and exactly why what you have listed is relevant for the role you are applying for is important, as it shows attention to detail. 
Ask insightful questions - I have been impressed by candidates who have prepared thoughtful and challenging questions to ask during interviews. This shows a real interest in the position and that you are looking to dig a little deeper than what information you have been provided. Asking such questions helps candidates to stand out from other applicants.
Positive attitude - Having a positive and enthusiastic demeanour and approach to the interview is important in making a good first impression. And where a candidate’s passion and enthusiasm, both for what they have achieved and the opportunity they are interviewing for, is clear to see is where I have been impressed. At Wilmington, we are looking for evidence of the positive, enthusiastic and creative attitude that will help us to envisage you enhancing our business, innovating our work and collaborating with colleagues.
Be yourself – I have always been impressed when a candidate’s personality shines through in an interview. Interviews should not just be a box ticking exercise and we want to get a flavour of the person behind the CV. We want to sense that answers are natural and engaging responses to our questions to enable us to get a feel for who you are and how you would fit into the role and our organization.
Sell yourself with a strong closing comment/statement – Where I have been most impressed is where candidates have been able to end an interview on a strong note and summarise exactly why they are the perfect fit for the role in a succinct and compelling manner, as this leaves a strong impression after the interview.

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