How Wilmington businesses will cover the UK General Election

In April UK Prime Minister Theresa May stunned the country with her surprise general election announcement.

Political upheaval can have an unsettling effect on industry, as business leaders try to understand the implications for their company and market as a whole. And that’s true for the compliance, finance, legal and healthcare markets that Wilmington's businesses serve.

With another general election on the horizon many UK business leaders in these markets rely on Wilmington’s event and information services to make sense of change. 

Wilmington Healthcare's HSJ will be covering healthcare issues as they arise for the UK’s healthcare leaders. 

Wilmington Healthcare’s OnMedica, which combines high-quality journalism with medical expertise to cater for the daily information and professional development needs of doctors, has its pulse on the election for doctors with articles on how the profession and its associations are viewing the issues.

'The general election announced for 8 June is likely to bring to the fore a number of issues of immediate relevance to our readers’, says Jean-Yves Gilg, editor in chief of Wilmington's Solicitors Journal, which is providing coverage of the election for its readers in mid-tier law firms.

‘The extent of the Brexit mandate will be the main catalyst, along with its effect on the £28bn legal services sector and the consequences in terms of certainty for the law applicable in a range of areas such as family law. We expect other issues where parties have traditionally taken an opposite stance to come back more prominently on the agenda. These include the reform of the justice system, legal aid and access to justice, and the further liberalisation of the profession's regulatory framework’. 

The general election results and the legislation that will follow will impact on all areas of British business, and this blog from Wilmington Millennium considers the impact on marketing spend, showing that Wilmington delivers information on the impact of politics across many of its markets.

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