How Wilmington serves its communities

The word ‘community’ stands at the heart of Wilmington plc. The brands that make up Wilmington vary greatly in their composition; however they all share the common aim of helping their communities turn knowledge into advantage through education, information and networking.


Susana Perez, Managing Director of Inese, part of our Risk and Compliance knowledge area, says the key to serving communities is to ‘have different services but create a synergy between them’. 

The last few years have seen an increase in networking, due to the rise in the desire for ‘face to face events’. Inese has responded to this, increasing the number of its events, hosting the largest insurance event in Spain: ‘Insurance Week’, which can boast of 3,000 attendees. However, Insurance Week doesn’t solely stand under the banner of networking; Inese makes full use of its magazines to spread the information discussed during the week to a wider audience. Such publications, also develop the role between education and information, advertising the training that Inese offers. 

One way to measure the success of a company’s communication is their response to digitalisation. Susana’s comments on how Inese was moulding and changing to find its place in the digital landscape are impressive. This is reflected in Inese’s reduction in print publications and increase in digital ones, their daily digital insurance bulletin and regular publication of magazines such as Aseguradora Today is proof of this. 


Clarissa Dann (pictured), Editor-In-Chief of Trade Forfaiting Review (TFR) agrees with Susana that services for communities need to ‘work completely together’. The TFR brand has a strong presence in print and online, and has been expanded to include events in order to join up the communities that TFR serves. Clarissa adds ‘finding a common language to transact in is the challenge, but also the opportunity’. The communities that TFR serves, from financiers and insurers to lawyers and governments supports this need for a ‘common language’ and that the various methods of providing information each have their different roles in serving our communities.

Compliance Week

Donna Rice, Managing Director of Compliance Week, places emphasis on the importance of information and networking. The vast array of information Compliance Week provides on its website, newsletter and monthly print magazine reflects the strong connection maintained between the publication and the compliance community.  

However, as with both Inese and TFR, Donna ensures that Compliance Week also provides events that bring its communities together. The annual conference held in Washington DC, hosting over 600 attendees, is proof of the company’s belief in the value of networking. However, as Donna puts it ‘the reality is the world is getting smaller’ and the increase in international business has meant Compliance Week has added a second European annual event held in Brussels, ensuring that international communications are strengthened. 

The outcome

By looking at these three different brands it is clear that they all share the drive to serve their communities in the best way possible. Although each tailor their methods of communication to meet the needs of their differing audiences, the importance they place on communication with their communities is clear.


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