HSJ's Unparalleled Coverage of Coronavirus

Dave West, HSJ's Deputy Editor explains how HSJ.co.uk's coverage of Coronavirus has been unparalleled, with weekly users increasing roughly five fold in the past month- increasing since mid-March from approximately 50,000 to between 210,000 and 300,000. 
This comes as we have made HSJ.co.uk coronavirus content free to access, drawing huge interest to the brand and praise from senior figures.These include:
Our exclusive revelation on 20th March that a first hospital had been overwhelmed with covid-19 patients – this development, as serious cases grew rapidly in London, is understood to have played a major part in putting pressure on the government to ramp up its measures to tackle the virus. It brought more than 150,000 users to HSJ.co.uk on a single day.
Our unique and exclusive map of the spread of fatalities from the virus, which has acted as a vital rapid-response information resource, used by many national and local officials to inform their response. It has been viewed more than 120,000 times.
We have featured on multiple media outlets including BBC Breakfast where we focused on concerns about oxygen problems in hospitals revealed by HSJ. We have also featured on the broadcast government press conference with a question about HSJ’s exclusive story on the health secretary setting a poor example on social distancing. In the online and print press, our news and insight has been referenced hundreds of times including on several national newspaper front pages.
HSJ Intelligence, our tool for NHS commercial partners, has also seen substantially more usage since the outbreak, as users turn to a unique, detailed and reliable source of information. For HSJ Intelligence users and prospects we are holding quick-response webinars to share our expert insight on how the virus is shaping the NHS for its commercial partners – they have been highly subscribed and received dozens of questions to our team from users.
As our coronavirus content is free to access we have been promoting registration and access to HSJ.co.uk newsletters to its new users. We had been acquiring roughly 200 registered users per week, but we have hit an all-time high earlier this month – with over 800 registered users. These are users we are now able to contact and promote to once the crisis is over.
To put that into perspective, to the right is a graph of registrations (sessions are the orange line) since the beginning of February.
Our newsletter engagement has also seen an increase, typically we see click through rates to articles of 5000, but currently we regularly see twice that with articles getting 8000+ direct clicks.
As we all know this is a rapidly evolving situation and I am proud to be part of a team who is not only keeping pace but leading the way.

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