The Importance of a Truly International Focus

"The labels 'international' and 'domestic,' which adequately described our business structure in the past, no longer apply." - Roberto Goizueta, CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

A fitting comment on today’s business environment? Think again – this message was delivered to Coca-Cola shareholders in 1996.

Like most companies in 2015, Wilmington operates in an era of unprecedented digital change – and our response to the resulting disruption is to strengthen our business by expanding our global footprint. Every Wilmington business either is, or has the potential to be, an international business; it’s our job to unlock that potential and to achieve significant growth by adopting a truly international focus.

We work in the knowledge economy, where competitive advantage lies in an organisation’s ability to convert data into actionable information, and where international borders represent opportunities to grow. Our belief is that, ultimately, the location of our businesses is largely irrelevant, as clients around the world expect our products and services to be available where and when they want them.

At Wilmington, we view the UK as we view any other country: it’s part of our international marketplace. We believe that other countries, which at the time of writing account for just over one-third of our turnover, hold massive potential for growth, and none more so than the United States. Our recent acquisition of Financial Research Associates, LLC is testimony to that belief.

Consider these key facts concerning our international business:

  • Wilmington plc has operating entities in eight countries, with 22 offices; we serve clients in more than 150 countries worldwide.
  • We see the US as a natural market to develop and a country where we can expand our knowledge-based model.
  • Simply by following our client demands we are entering new markets. In Europe, in response to new legislation, we launched our compliance qualifications in Spain; in the Middle East, the launch of our Compliance Week Dubai conference has attracted massive interest.
  • The US East Coast and Singapore & Hong Kong will become hubs for our businesses; we have just opened a new office in Hong Kong where we will bring our Compliance and Finance businesses together, and we will resource these hubs with exceptional people.

Our products and services are readily adaptable to the international marketplace; we see the substantial opportunity posed by our existing client relationships, leading us to expand our offer across geographical borders. Our new divisional structure encourages collaboration between our businesses; by bringing our Senior Management Team together regularly for facilitated workshops, we develop a shared vision of the power of the Wilmington brand.

The benefits for our clients are substantial. Those already operating in multiple geographies – or those intending to do so – enjoy seamless availability of information, education and networking opportunities from a single provider, to a uniform high standard and with effective local support. We deliver confidence and peace of mind – two immensely valuable commodities that are literally priceless.

Here on the Wilmington Hub, you’ll find all kinds of content that showcase the capabilities of our four divisions – Risk & Compliance, Finance, Legal and Insight. Explore at your leisure and discover why developing a long-term relationship with Wilmington could be a great move for your business.

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