Introducing the Wilmington Digital Hub

Not all corporate websites are created equal.

One of the key elements of our new strategy is the deployment of the Wilmington Digital Hub – an innovative corporate website with a fresh approach to engaging with clients, investors and stakeholders everywhere.

With only a few clicks, Hub visitors can access content that satisfies their immediate needs; navigating any of our four Areas of Knowledge – Risk & Compliance, Finance, Legal and Insight – is quick and easy. By sharing our expertise, we help our clients turn knowledge into advantage, for our mutual benefit.

Read on and discover the thinking behind the Wilmington Digital Hub.

We live in a connected world

In 2014, internet users around the world spent a daily average of more than six hours online – more than double the corresponding figures for 2005. It’s a telling statistic, and one that shows how much we have come to rely on being connected to the web, wherever and whenever we want.

At work, it’s even more noticeable. Using the internet is now essential for anyone who wants to be in business or to practice in any profession. At Wilmington, we recognise the strengths of our various businesses, the specialist knowledge areas in them and the fantastic people who work there.

Following our 2014 corporate review, we realised that this potential resides in different businesses with limited connections between them. This was a key factor in shaping our new strategy – we unified the knowledge areas into four big pools and we communicated our new approach to stakeholders everywhere.

The Wilmington Hub brings our new approach to our online presence.

Maximising Wilmington’s potential in the digital environment

Corporate websites are evolving; forward-thinking companies now use their websites to demonstrate expertise and to develop trust with their clients and potential clients. The Digital Hub is a showcase for Wilmington’s expertise – it contains content from all parts of the company and acts as a portal to our collective knowledge base. It is a destination for business users seeking information and advice.

The Hub is home to our huge knowledge bank of high-quality content. It links all our individual websites, encouraging two-way traffic. Each local website provides easy access to our central knowledge base; in turn, the Hub provides visitors with an easy path to the specialist skills of our individual businesses.

Social media also plays an important part in building Wilmington’s online presence. Sharing our expertise via professional social channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter, makes it easier for new and existing clients to locate relevant content that answers their questions. The Hub delivers the following benefits:

  • Making clients and potential clients more aware of the products and services of the different Wilmington brands.
  • Using the strength of established Wilmington brands to build trust in our entire portfolio.
  • Engaging with clients and potential clients by highlighting the collaborative expertise of our businesses.

How can the Wilmington Hub help you?

Start by exploring any of the four Areas of Knowledge – or take a look at the latest Wilmington News. Whatever your concern in today’s increasingly complex business world, we expect you to find the information you need somewhere among these pages.

If you have a specific question, we’ll direct you to the Wilmington business best-suited to answer it. We’ll also provide you with the contact details for the person most likely to know the answer: the MD or President’s name, email address, telephone number and LinkedIn profile.

Take the first steps today toward a business relationship that will last as long as you need it.

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