Leadership insights: Wilmington's Loïc Lebrun

In our second feature of Wilmington leaders, we talk to Loïc Lebrun, Managing Director of APM International about his vision for the future. 
“We aim to own the information, education and intelligence space in healthcare in France and a few specific areas internationally.” Loïc Lebrun, Managing Director, APM International.
Loïc Lebrun is a man for whom actions speak louder than words. Described by a former colleague as having “an outstanding ability to execute”, Loïc is a finance professional who worked in the aerospace and defence industries, before moving in the early 2000s to what was then an emerging digital-insights sector for healthcare professionals. For the next decade, Loïc broadened his experience in financial, sales and general-management roles with a leading international healthcare-insight company. He soon recognised the potential of premium niche products as a means of attracting and retaining high-value subscribers who want to be part of special-interest communities – a realisation that has driven his work since then.
In 2014, he was appointed the Managing Director of Wilmington’s first international acquisition, Agence de Presse Médicale (APM), an independent press agency specialising in the healthcare sector in France and across Europe. “Unlike many Wilmington businesses, which made the transition from print-based models, APM is a digital-native company – it embraced electronic formats from the day it was founded”, Loïc explains. 
APM plans to launch two or three new products – typically subscription-based niche websites – each year. “The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly and this forces us to rethink our approaches continually – which is sometimes difficult, but always interesting”, Loïc continues. 
As you would expect from a proven early adopter, there is clear evidence of successful innovation at APM; in 2016, it launched APMjob.com, an online job board – and the company’s first non-editorial product. “APM without innovation is unthinkable,” says Loïc. “In fact, I’m very comfortable with all Wilmington’s core values as they have been guiding my career for many years. My favourite? Without doubt, it’s ‘Enabling’, as it’s the key to developing our people.” 
APM’s subscribers can continue to rely on the company to set the daily news agenda for the European healthcare markets, reflecting Loïc‘s deep understanding of the business drivers behind APM’s financial outcomes. His keen sense of appreciation for his clients’ requirements will surely continue to drive APM’s success – or, to use his own words: “I’m just doing something I really enjoy and working very hard at it; the rest simply follows.

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