My first year at Wilmington

“I wasn’t thinking about working in London, but when I was offered a job in Axco it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I was very fortunate to land in such a healthy, sustainable environment.”
When Axco – a Wilmington plc business – offered 22 year-old James Fox a job, his awareness of Axco’s 50-year heritage and forward-looking reputation was a significant positive factor. His skills, which include political and economic research, qualitative and empirical analysis and real-time data interpretation, were a great fit for Axco’s Global Risk Intelligence & Data team, and in August 2016, he joined Wilmington.
Using his education …
At Axco, James found a role where his degree is not only relevant – he is a graduate in History and Politics – but also exceptionally valuable in his work as a global information analyst. Axco’s flagship product, the Insurance Market Report, provides country-by-country insights into market performance and practices; James’ responsibilities include sourcing data and identifying political, economic and geographic factors that merit further analysis.
As one of a team of only three, James knows that he has to pull his weight. “I had to hit the ground running,” he says, “and I’ve had plenty of exposure to real business issues; at the same time, I’ve learned how to navigate the world of work. It’s great to be working with a group of colleagues who really value my contribution.”
… while developing personally
Axco reports on more than 170 countries, and Managing Director Tim Yeates believes in having “people for all geographies” – a reference to Axco’s need to communicate appropriately and effectively with sources in each of them. Uncovering the information needed for the Report requires an unusual combination of skills: proven insurance expertise, language skills, a research-oriented mindset and an understanding of international economics or politics.
On-the-job training has helped James learn quickly, while he’s gained valuable first-hand experience as an attendee at industry conferences. He’s also expected to contribute to transforming the business, putting it into a state of readiness to provide everything the insurance sector requires in future.
“Even as a relatively new member of the team, my opinion matters,” explains James. “I’m encouraged to contribute to Axco’s thought-leadership initiatives, and I did a lot of research for our white paper, Insurance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, drawing on experience from my previous job.”
Wilmington – supportive and forward-looking
“I was already aware of Wilmington when I first started talking to Axco,” says James. “It’s reassuring to know that our business has the support of Axco management, as well as Wilmington’s senior leadership team.
“I’m conscious of several initiatives that will soon make a difference to my work. The most obvious one is our move to a new head-office building in Whitechapel, London, bringing all Wilmington’s London-based businesses together. I’ll meet more people from other parts of the company, and it will certainly help me to understand how it all fits together.”
So, given the opportunity, would James make the same choices? He answers by sharing one of his original work-related goals:
“I wasn’t thinking about working in London – in fact I tried hard to find work elsewhere – but when one of Wilmington’s leading brands offered me this job it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. At Axco, I was very fortunate to land in such a healthy, sustainable environment, where I could put my skills to good use right away.”
James Fox image

James Fox image

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