A successful Capital Markets Day

Speaking in May 2018 at Wilmington plc’s Capital Markets Day (CMD) event in London, CEO Pedro Ros said, “In 2014, we set off on a journey towards ‘One Wilmington’. Today, we have transformed the business and, with sustained investment we continue to build a more secure future. We invest in the exceptional talent that drives innovation, in the digital technology that underpins our vision and in the common culture that enables our people to succeed.”
An event like CMD, which is presented to an audience of institutional investors and analysts, is highly significant for Wilmington’s external stakeholders; it gives them a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes – something that isn’t always obvious from financial statements and trading updates. It also builds confidence in the company’s senior team by giving them a chance to talk directly to guests.
While no new material trading or financial information was disclosed during CMD, presenters, including Divisional Directors Richard Adams, Terry Sweeney and Bill Howarth, delivered an update on Wilmington’s strategy and the progress of its three divisions. Pedro also introduced the company’s Vision 2020 to an external audience for the first time, highlighting the strength of the business and the clarity of Wilmington’s vision for an exceptional customer experience.
A vision of things to come
Vision 2020 is the culmination of a transformation process that has been four years in the making. As Pedro explained, the journey started in 2014 with a comprehensive review of the business; it continued with the definition of its go-to-market offerings and is now focused on making exceptional customer service the foundation for Wilmington’s continued success.
Revealing the vision statement, Pedro emphasised each element in turn:
“By 2020, Wilmington communities benefit from personalised knowledge, whenever and wherever they need it”
Representing the three go-to-market areas – Healthcare, Professional and Risk & Compliance – Richard, Terry and Bill explained how each division is growing on a common digital foundation, investing in top talent and developing a vibrant, collaborative culture. The underlying story from all three was Wilmington’s ability to deliver a combination of face-to-face training, eLearning and blended learning to client communities that are ever-more digitally aware. 
The digital technology that supports the go-to-market areas has four common elements: the Salesforce CRM; the Totara learning management system; Wilmington’s proprietary information platforms; and the Marketo marketing automation system. The company is already busy rolling out this infrastructure across every Wilmington business, a programme that will complete two years from now.
Looking for excellence
Another first for CMD was the use of the in-house facilities at Wilmington’s new London head-office building. Attendees were welcomed to Aldgate and given a tour of the offices, allowing guests to see the impact of the new working environment. 
In the final presentation, Wilmington Chief Technical Officer Mike Fraser demonstrated eLearning in action; this gave the audience a close-up look at Wilmington’s learning management system, which is available on many different types of device. Dependence on mobile access is growing, particularly among the company’s Generation X and Millennial users.
Guests agreed that the team at Wilmington has made real progress in building a company that is ready to execute on Vision 2020. Pedro reiterated his belief that attracting great people is the key to success and that every Wilmington employee should have an opportunity to realise his or her potential. “Let’s encourage our talent to shine,” he concluded.
Readers wanting to to see all the presentations can download them from the Wilmington Hub by clicking here.
Guests at Wilmington's Capital Markets Day view the company's eLearning studio

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