What's it really like to work for Wilmington?

“Now that I’ve seen how the Wilmington community operates across geographical borders, I’m really glad I’m part of it. At FRA here in the United States, I work closely with colleagues in London; the support they offer is invaluable.”
“I knew what I wanted,” says Beth Talley, Email Marketing Manager at Financial Research Associates – one of Wilmington plc’s North American businesses. “In my previous roles, I worked across the entire spectrum of digital marketing; email marketing was where I wanted to be.” In Beth, FRA had a candidate with exactly the right profile; she joined Wilmington in 2016, becoming part of FRA’s team in Charlotte, NC.
Making experience count
Beth brought with her more than 10 years’ customer-facing experience, half of it in digital-marketing roles. In a sector that’s changed beyond recognition during the past decade, Beth worked across multiple channels, including social media, email, web promotions, PR, and online events. As the digital industry matured, she formed a clear view of her ideal job.
“Since 2010, I’ve used digital tools that evolve almost weekly, and staying up-to-date is a constant challenge,” explains Beth. “With email marketing, I have a trusted tool-set that allows me to ‘see’ a contact from the first touch-point through to becoming a client. It’s the most fulfilling part of what I do, and the role at FRA was perfect for me.”
Part of a carefully crafted plan
FRA is an events specialist operating in the financial and healthcare sectors, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Each year, it promotes and manages more than 60 conferences at locations across the continental United States. Maintaining effective control of each campaign requires robust tools and a highly disciplined approach – two challenges that Beth meets head-on.
“Each conference has its own campaign, launching three to three to six months prior to the event. I work closely with our marketing managers and our copywriters to choose the right angle for each campaign; we create unique content, both for individual conferences and for potential audiences for each event. We may be targeting previous attendees, for example, or named job-holders who are not yet clients.”
Having the right tools for the job.…
In common with other Wilmington brands, FRA uses cutting edge marketing technology from leading vendors. Recently Beth has been collaborating with other Wilmington businesses on marketing automation.
“Before I joined FRA, I wasn’t aware of Wilmington,” says Beth. “Finding the right role was my primary objective. Now that I’ve seen how the Wilmington community operates across geographical borders and multiple time-zones, I’m really glad I’m part of it. During the marketing automation implementation, I worked closely with colleagues at Health Service Journal and Wilmington Healthcare in London; they’re experienced users, and the support they offered was invaluable.”
… and meeting expectations
So, how does working for FRA measure up? It ticks all the boxes, according to Beth:
“I really enjoy helping drive our business into the digital age,” she says. “I’m now FRA’s go-to person for marketing automation, and I have an opportunity to decide what works and what doesn’t. While working on the campaign for RISE Nashville, our flagship event, I introduced A/B split testing for different audiences, refining our message and identifying the subject lines and calls to action that work best.
“It’s also great to have a supportive boss who encourages open communication and collaboration – which mirrors my experience of the wider Wilmington community. It’s a great place to work!”
Wilmington's Beth Talley

Wilmington's Beth Talley

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