Why Inese is embracing ‘One Wilmington'

It’s simple … take a high-profile events-and-training specialist in the Spanish-speaking insurance sector, add a portfolio of professional education programmes, proven in 16 other countries by market-leading Wilmington businesses, and you have a recipe for successful growth. In a nutshell, that’s how Susana Pérez, Managing Director of Inese, sees the opportunity facing her business.

Inese, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and part of Wilmington since 2013, is the acknowledged market leader in business-to-business relationships in the Spanish insurance market. Its flagship annual conference, Semana del Seguro, is the must-attend event for Spanish-speaking insurance professionals; it attracts more than 3,000 delegates, and is now in its 25th year.

Opportunities for professional development

Training and retraining for insurance professionals also features strongly in Inese’s product offerings; the delivery infrastructure is well-established and highly effective. Susana, looking for ways to grow her business without substantial investment, realised that the answer lay elsewhere in Wilmington – a collaborative opportunity highlighted during a recent Wilmington Annual Conference.

During networking sessions with executives from other Wilmington businesses, she saw the potential for Spanish-language versions of well-established professional education products currently available around the world. By focusing closely on offerings that provided commonality across multiple jurisdictions, a modest investment in translation allowed Inese to create a wider portfolio of market-leading – and often unique – programmes for the Spanish-speaking market.

Inese’s infrastructure is ideally suited to adopting Matchett Group’s management and leadership programmes, financial-modelling and business-valuation courses frm AMT Training, development programmes for accountancy professionals from Mercia, and expert-witness, witness-familiarization and investigative-processes training from Bond Solon. In support of Inese’s expanded training portfolio, Susana recruited Señor Joan Carles Martínez as Corporate Solutions Director.

Encouraging excellence and expansion

Joan enthuses: “The new Wilmington training programmes that Inese is launching in Spain complement perfectly the technical training for insurance professionals that we already provide. We can take advantage of Inese’s brand strength and positive reputation to build an even stronger business in our chosen sectors.”

Wilmington’s extensive knowledge base and its substantial experience in professional training and development provide confidence for organisational clients and individual practitioners alike. Inese is developing a centre of excellence for insurance, financial and commercial professionals, which will cement its market-leading position and attract new clients alongside long-established ones.

Says Joan, “I‘m excited by the challenge of developing a centre of excellence for training, delivering best practice in both the insurance and finance sectors, as well as for other commercial clients. In the current environment, attracting and retaining talent is essential for all organisations, and Inese’s comprehensive personal development programmes help employers do exactly that."

Why ‘One Wilmington’?

Susana and her team at Inese are implementing the ‘One Wilmington’ concept exactly as it was envisioned. Building on a common digital foundation, Wilmington businesses everywhere aim to deliver a seamless customised experience for every client, available at the user’s fingertips and ready at exactly the time of the recipient’s choosing.

Broadening Inese’s training portfolio to include offerings from fellow subsidiaries in other countries also embraces fully the Wilmington values of enhancing, enabling, collaborating and innovating – factors that Susana believes will contribute significantly to its future success.

We leave the final word to her: “This initiative is just another step in Inese’s strategy, one that reinforces the benefits of exploiting synergy across Wilmington.”

Watch this space!


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