Wilmington’s Apprenticeships for Today

We’re pleased to share the story of a UK initiative that is already making a difference – Apprenticeships for Today.

Why Apprenticeships

Apprentice training is no longer limited to trade skills; it’s also open up to degree level and post-graduate level in many areas, including sales, digital marketing, journalism, finance and project management, all of which are highly relevant to the work we’re doing at Wilmington.  

Speaking at a national event earlier this year, Anne Milton, Britain’s Minister of State for Skills and Apprenticeships said: ‘Apprenticeships allow young and older people to dream big dreams, and every £1 spent on apprenticeships makes a difference to the individual and the economy. For our country to compete globally, apprenticeships matter.’

Why Wilmington is involved

At Wilmington we are committed to investing and developing our employees. Apprenticeships allow individuals to gain the skills they need to grow. Unlike larger companies, Wilmington operates a personalised, smaller-scale apprentice programme that’s tailored for individual employees or offered alongside specific vacancies. Across Wilmington’s UK businesses, we now have apprentices in Wilmington Healthcare, HSJ, Mercia Group and Wilmington Shared Services (Finance and HR).

Let’s hear from three of our colleagues who are working on these programmes:

Eloise Hardy, HR Assistant at WSS, is undertaking an 18-month apprenticeship on HR Support:

‘I am getting a broader understanding of what it takes to be an HR professional, of how to do things correctly, including the legal side of things. We cover a wide range of topics; some knowledge I can apply straight away, whilst some subjects, like learning and development, are not a part of my current role, but will be useful to me in the future. It’s also important to me that I can improve my professional standards.’

Pagan Field, Editorial Assistant at Wilmington Healthcare, is undertaking an 18-month Junior Journalist apprenticeship:

‘Undertaking a Journalist apprenticeship provides me with an excellent opportunity to develop my skills and to take my current role to the next level. I’m excited by the prospect of learning about the industry of journalism, and look forward to using those newly acquired skills in forging a rewarding career.’

James McIver, Assistant Group Financial Accountant at WSS, is undertaking a 36-month post-graduate (Master’s level) Accountancy Taxation Professional (ACCA) qualification:

‘I am getting a greater understanding of the accountancy profession, benefiting from combining this with practical work experience. It’s a great opportunity for me to continue learning and developing, both professionally and academically. I am also learning to balance a demanding job with studying, which keeps me interested, especially at the year end!’

Join our team for the future

Many of our UK businesses are exploring the opportunities for apprenticeship programmes, both for existing employees and for new starters. Please visit our careers site if you’d like to know more. You’ll find links to all our current vacancies, a number of which are ideally suited to would-be apprentices.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wilmington colleague James McIver

Wilmington colleague James McIver

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