Wilmington colleagues help to inspire workers of the future

Last month a group of volunteers from Wilmington participated in a unique workshop held at a school in Dagenham, East London. The day, organised by Business in the Community together with the Ford Foundation, brought together 100 disengaged 13-14 years olds with the aim of providing additional support to improve their confidence, raise their aspirations and develop their soft skills whilst also opening their eyes to the world of work and expectations of business.

Working within small groups, Wilmington volunteers participated in a series of facilitated workshops exploring topics such as barriers to success, personal qualities and life skills, sharing their own experiences of the workplace, engaging the young people in conversation and helping to inspire, encourage and motivate them to achieve their full potential.

The day culminated in a session where student participants were asked to prepare an elevator pitch to promote themselves to potential employers which some then felt confident enough to deliver to everyone in the room!

These comments from the Wilmington team demonstrate clearly how much they also enjoyed and benefited from the day:

"I took something away in terms of heightened gratitude and perspective, seeing how much courage and resilience many of these children displayed despite the challenges they deal with. All round a successful volunteering pilot and very humbling and gratifying experience!"

"An eye-opening experience that was challenging, not only for the pupils but also the business volunteers. A great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, open-up about your past and share your success stories - helping young people recognise their potential."

"I had two young boys in the latter part of the afternoon and was proud of them both for getting up on the stage to present their elevator pitch to the whole room – they made a pact with each other that if one of them did it the other would too and they shook hands, both got up and were fab – I would be conscious presenting to that many people let alone at the age of 14!"

The Wilmington team of volunteers: (L-R) Aiman Harhish, Stacey Knox, Louise Keatley, Nicholas Stone, Chris Morris, Radha Chatrath, David Boore and Lisa Thake

The Wilmington team of volunteers: (L-R) Aiman Harhish, Stacey Knox, Louise Keatley, Nicholas Stone, Chris Morris, Radha Chatrath, David Boore and Lisa Thake

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