Wilmington moves to new London premises

In 2016 Wilmington’s CEO Pedro Ros announced plans to find new premises for our London businesses. We needed a new head office to enable closer collaboration across our teams and provide cutting edge facilities for our customers.
Following an intense period of searching for the right location and company-wide collaboration to create the right environment, our London businesses have moved! Wilmington’s brand-new head office in London’s Aldgate area opened for business on 18 December 2017.
Moving to a new London home
Bringing our London-based businesses together has demanded a collaborative, co-ordinated approach. Multiple teams have worked collectively to create a new head office that provides a superb base. 
Pedro Ros, Wilmington’s CEO, explains the thinking behind the project:
“Our people will have a modern, high-tech workplace that makes their working lives more enriching. The new premises will support and encourage flexible working while providing an exceptional environment that attracts top talent.
“Our clients will gain access to conveniently located education and meeting facilities that gives them a competitive edge. Our new head office features state-of-the-art equipment, delivering our products and services in very professional surroundings.”
Our new head office in the White Chapel building is only a very short walk from Aldgate and Aldgate East underground stations and a few minutes away from London’s Liverpool Street mainline station.
What does it mean for colleagues and clients?
Our colleagues benefit from modern, open-plan workspaces with high-speed communication networks and an ability to interact freely. And whenever colleagues from outside London are in the city, they can also use the additional space; it’s their head office too. With a new Wilmington café and modern flexible meeting spaces, our new offices provide a vibrant, welcoming workspace for both customers and colleagues.  Wilmington has adapted to provide flexible working, hot-desking and distance working to attract and retain top talent. 
Bringing our London businesses together in a building with less walls to pass through and no stairs to climb encourages more collaboration, working together as ‘One Wilmington’ to innovate the professional education, information services and networking events that our customers rely on.
Our clients enjoy a significantly enhanced visitor experience and professionally equipped resources that include a dedicated webinar studio and a multi-media training suite. With excellent transport links and plenty of local accommodation should it be needed, we expect to develop closer ties with our London-based clients in the coming months.
Keeping in touch
Our email addresses and our telephone numbers aren’t changing, so keeping in touch won’t be a problem. Whether you’re a colleagues, client or business partner, we hope to welcome you to The White Chapel Building soon!
Our new head office as of 18 December 2017: 5th Floor, 10 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 8QS, UK.

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