Wilmington plots growth in North America

Wilmington’s overseas businesses are one of the main drivers of its growth; we asked Sam Thayer, Head of Wilmington North America (WNA), to introduce his organisation, where 79 colleagues work for five different brands.

Sam and his team have an opportunity to create something special. Wilmington’s businesses in the US aim to grow significantly in the coming years. These businesses include Compliance Week and Financial Research Associates (FRA), together with those that have expanded into North America from a UK base: AMT Training, ARK Groupand Axco.

“The size of the US economy,’ says Sam, ‘generates larger opportunities than in most countries. FRA’s first full year as part of Wilmington sets us on course to exceed last year’s turnover; I anticipate organic growth from our other businesses as well.’

Why size matters

North America comprises three markets: Canada, Mexico, and the US, which is by far the largest. Economically, the US is similar in many ways to the UK. The big difference is in overall scale. In 2014, the US economy was around six times the size of the UK economy.

‘To do bigger things, Wilmington needs to be bigger,’ says Sam. ‘The US is one of the places where we can grow organically, and also add to our overall capability through acquisition.’

‘Maintaining a pipeline of potential acquisition targets is another important objective, Wilmington’s strategic guidelines gives us plenty of scope here.’

Compliance Week – our first North America business

Compliance Week, which provides information on risk, compliance and corporate governance, has more than 12,000 subscribers. It runs the Compliance Week conference, a flagship event held every year in Washington, D.C.

One of Compliance Week’s strategic objectives is international growth - expansion into Europe and the rest of the world. So in recent years, it launched Compliance Week events in Brussels and Dubai.

FRA isn’t just about finance

Originally, FRA produced only financial conferences, establishing itself as a leading provider in the sector. In 2005, the company diversified, launching its first event for healthcare executives, which has grown to become Healthcare Education Associates. Today, FRA organises more than 80 events annually.

In 2006, FRA founded RISE (Resource Initiative and Society for Education), the first national association in the US dedicated to healthcare professionals. The annual RISE conferences attract substantial audiences, and we plan to expand these internationally.

Leveraging our UK businesses in North America

Three UK-based businesses have offices in the US. AMT Training, ARK Group and Axco all have clients in the US and Canada. Each provides in-country support for customers; having local staff encourages closer long-term relationships.

While some products transfer more readily to the US than others, further organic growth there is expected.


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