Services CPD Training, Soft Skills, Compliance Services, Online Publications, Webinars, Graduate Recruitment and Monitoring Services

Industries Accountancy

Nature of business

SWAT UK is a leading provider of training and consultancy services to the accountancy profession. In addition to a wide range of courses held nationwide, SWAT UK also operates a live webinar programme and on-demand training.

In addition, SWAT UK supports accountancy firms with the industry regulations through its compliance review services and online publications.

SWAT UK also operates a graduate recruitment and student monitoring service to firms in London and the South East of England.

What sets them apart?

SWAT UK’s range of face-to-face and online training is one of the largest and most diverse programmes in the industry. SWAT UK’s success has been built on the quality of its training, course materials and client service.

Being at the forefront of the profession has positioned SWAT UK as a trusted advisor for many organisations, both nationally and internationally. In addition to supporting firms of accountants, SWAT UK also assists global organisations such as MGI Worldwide and Wolters Kluwer with their compliance and publication requirements.

“At SWAT UK we are passionate about providing high quality technical support and training to our clients in a way that enables them to cope with the industry regulations in a practical way. We have a reputation for excellent client service and seek to work with firms to develop their skills and their practice over the long term.”

Adrian Gibbons, Managing Director, SWAT UK

Managing Director, SWAT UK

Adrian Gibbons


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