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Nature of business

ICP is one of the longest-established names in international company credit reporting, in the fast-moving market for company information. All over the world, the success of thousands of high-value business decisions – from credit export insurance to corporate due diligence – depends on the kind of accurate and quickly-delivered credit information that ICP provides.

What sets them apart?

ICP has a worldwide reputation for the quality and accuracy of its knowledge, and customer service and reports’ delivery. Based in London and Dubai, ICP produces detailed company credit status reports, using a combination of in-house research and in-country investigation by highly experienced analysts. Clients include credit export insurance companies and credit agencies from all over the world. ICP’s particular expertise is in emerging markets where business information is difficult to access.

ICP reports are routinely used by public and private corporations, legal firms, consultancies, banks and national governments to conduct due diligence on partner, distributor and trading companies to check for compliance, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering and company tracing.

“I am proud to head up a team of researchers and analysts, who have a great deal of experience in this line of business. ICP has been servicing clients for over 30 years and has an excellent reputation for the service it provides.”

Jennifer Guy Managing Director

Managing Director

Jennifer Guy

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